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Multigames Table Buyer’s Guide

Multigames Table Buyer’s Guide

As a fantastic gift or addition to your household, Multigames Tables are an affordable entertainment centre for any family. Ideal for parties or just a boredom breaker, the wide range of games available give you a selection of fun and exciting games. From Table Football, Pool and Air Hockey, to Chess, draughts and many other popular little games – Multi Games Tables are bound to have something for everyone. Find our range here: https://www.allroundfun.co.uk/games-tables/multi-games-tables 



Mightymast 4ft 34-in-1 Multi Play Games Table : https://www.allroundfun.co.uk/games-tables/multi-games-tables/mightymast-4ft-34-in-1-multi-play-games-table

Though not all are large, their smaller size is perfect for children or for making the most out of a small area. Not to mention, they are easier to handle and tidy away. There are some larger tables, but these do not usually accommodate such a large variety of games and tend to have a smaller selection of the more popular games i.e. Pool, Air Hockey and Table Football.


Riley 4ft 21-in-1 Multi Games Table M21B-1S available here: https://www.allroundfun.co.uk/games-tables/multi-games-tables/riley-4ft-21-in-1-multi-games-table-m21b-1s

Also available as a folding version here: https://www.allroundfun.co.uk/games-tables/multi-games-tables/riley-4ft-21-in-1-folding-multi-games-table-m21b-1f


Be aware of what you can accommodate

Since there is a huge choice, you need to be aware of the best size for you, they can come in sizes as small as 3ft but as large as 6ft. The main consideration before purchasing a Multigames table is to be aware of the space you have available:

  • Is there sufficient space for the games table?
  • Is there sufficient movement space around the games table?
  • Is there sufficient room for storage of the games table?
  • Can you have a static table being permanently erect?
  • Do you need a foldable table to save space?

Mightymast 7ft 3 in 1 Revolver Pool/Air Hockey and Table Tennis Game: https://www.allroundfun.co.uk/games-tables/multi-games-tables/mightymast-7ft-3-in-1-revolver-pool—air-hockey-and-table-tennis-game

Choosing the correct type of games table

Here at All Round Fun, we stock a variety of tables with different sizes and different games. Before purchasing a Multigames Table, you need to be certain which is best for you or the person you are buying for. Considerations you need to take into account are:

  • Age of the person/s who will be playing
  • What games are they likely to enjoy
  • Is there a specific game they want, or do they want multiple?
  • Simple set up
  • Avoid tables with small parts if you have a very young child.



BCE 4ft 12-in-1 Folding Multi Games Table MG12-1F available here: https://www.allroundfun.co.uk/games-tables/multi-games-tables/bce-4ft-12-in-1-folding-multi-games-table-mg12-1f–black-

Static leg version here: https://www.allroundfun.co.uk/games-tables/multi-games-tables/bce-4ft-12-in-1-multi-games-table-mg12-1s–black-

Taking Care of your Multigames Table

All multi games tables should be stored away from cold, damp conditions to protect against warping of woods, rusting of metals and damage to plastics. Exposure to wet conditions can irreparably damage a multi games table, making it ineffective and impossible to enjoy.


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