6 Fun Ideas for a Picnic in the Garden

Picnic season is almost upon us. For many, that means packing a tower of butties, loading up the little ones and making for the nearest sunlit beach, park or beauty spot. But what about the days when you can’t be bothered to traipse to the seaside and the nearest National Park feels a little out of reach? Well don’t despair, as we’re here to help with 6 fun ideas for hosting a fun, alfresco picnic in your own back garden.

Gather round the campfire

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The humble campfire has captured a sense of adventure for generations, and now you can enjoy a warming fire in your own backyard thanks to the Bon Fire Complete Cooking Set. This nifty cooking contraption combines the functionality of a barbecue with the fun and excitement of an open fire to offer a unique way to prepare and serve an alfresco feast. Cook up a storm on your lawn before gathering round the dancing flames to sing a song or tell a ghost story or two.

Create fun picnic food just for kids

If you’re looking for fun ways to serve the kids some alfresco fodder, surf the web for creative recipes that’ll make mealtimes more fun and imaginative. From monster-shaped fruit to tasty, toasted dippers, there are hundreds of child friendly recipes available to help you plan the perfect picnic for you and your family.

Get the kids their very own table


As a child, it’s never fun to sit with the adults. So the next time you have a picnic on your patch, give the kids their own corner with the innovative Plum Play and Picnic Centre. Packed with fun features including a slide and climbing wall, as well as picnic table whose top lifts off to reveal a sand and water play tray, the Plum Play and Picnic Centre will keep the kids entertained for hours on a sunny summer’s day.

Enjoy a pre-picnic bounce

Thought bouncy castles were confined to kids parties? Think again. At All Round Fun, we offer a range of affordable bouncy castles you can use any time of year – not least at family picnic time. From pink castles fit for a princess to inflatable waterslides where youngsters can make a splash, a bouncy castle is sure to add a whole new level of fun to the classic family picnic. For maximum fun, try the Duplay Ultimate Combo Bouncy Castle and Slide.

Picnic in a play house


Whilst you sit outside your house and enjoy a freshly prepare picnic, your kids can sit outside theirs – with a wonderful wooden playhouse. Built entirely from sturdy timber, these pintsized shacks offer a fun and inventive way for kids to spend time in the back garden. One of our favourites is the Bunny Wooden Playhouse from Shire, whose quaint blue and white paintwork is as charming for adults as it is for kids.

Picnic time means story time

One budget-friendly way to keep the kids happy after you’ve munched through your picnic is to dig out the storybooks. Your children will love to bask on the picnic blanket while you tell them a tale or two from their favourite book. If you’re looking for new literature to relay to your little ones, opt for an easy-going tome with outdoorsy elements to really capture their imagination.

So there you have it: 6 ways you and the kids can enjoy a fun picnic in your own back garden this summer. For more ways to add some fun and excitement to this season’s picnics, visit the All Round Fun homepage today.

Image sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Steven Depolo.

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