5 Super Swing Sets for Your Garden

The humble swing set in the back garden is enduringly popular with children of all ages.

Plum Spider Monkey II Wooden Garden Swing Set

Regardless of technological advances and the latest fads, kids always seem drawn to the simple fun of swinging back and forth and trying to get just a little bit higher. Here we explore five super swing sets from All Round Fun which we think are perfect for the back garden.

Plum Uakari Wooden Swing Set

Plum UAKARI Wooden Swing Set

The Uakari swing set from Plum is packed with fun features for kids of all ages, including two swings, a climbing wall and a rope ladder. The two climbing features are fantastic for kids who are developing their strength and motor skills, offering them the challenge of reaching the top. The sturdy wooden cross braces of the swing set ensures it is incredibly durable and strong – allowing a number of kids to play simultaneously, perfect for inviting the kids’ friends around for a play.

Find the Uakari here.

Hedstrom Saturn Swing, Glider and Slide

Hedstrom Saturn Swing, Glider and Slide Combination

The Saturn metal swing, glider and slide combines three of the playground favourites in one fun back garden play centre. The glider is a fun face-to-face swing, great for the kids and their friends. The plastic slide is set slightly away from the swings but still connected to the rest of the unit. The swing set includes additional ground pegs for a little extra stability, ensuring the whole set doesn’t rock when energetic kids get on the glider.

Find the Saturn here.

Plum Spider Monkey

Plum Spider Monkey II Wooden Garden Swing Set

Channelling the spirit of nature’s favourite swingers, the Spider Monkey from Plum is a unique swing set which eschews the traditional plastic seat for a large plush multi-purposed pad. Suitable for two children to swing simultaneously, the Spider Monkey gives the kids greater freedom when swinging. It can be slightly harder than a traditional swing to get going so is a great workout for energetic kids who want to swing higher and higher.

Find the Spider Monkey here.

Little Tikes Riga Wooden Swing Set

Little Tikes Riga Wooden Swing Set

The Riga wooden swing set from Little Tikes is fun, sturdy and won’t look out of place in a well-manicured back garden. The swing includes two one-person swings as well as rope climbing feature. The wood has been treated to protect against rot and decay, making it a great addition to the back garden all through the year.

Find the Riga here.

Plum Vela Swing Set

Plum Vela Swing Set

The funky curved design of the Vela swing set from Plum sets it apart from the competition – adding a funky extra element to proceedings. The strong, metal frame of the swing set is capable of withstanding even the most vigorous of play from energetic children. The set also benefits from a fun, wonky wrap-over climbing frame at one end which allows children to ascend one side and descend the other.

Find the Vela here.

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