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5 Garden Games to Play with the Whole Family this Summer


With the summer holidays well underway, getting the kids off the sofa and away from the Playstation may have already become a daily battle.

Rather than hiding their games and forcing them outside, join in with the game they’re playing, encouraging everyone to get involved in fun activities.

Kwik Cricket

With Alastair Cook and the rest of the England team continuing to struggle with even the simplest of opposition, it may be the best time to start training the cricket stars of tomorrow. Kwik Cricket is always a soft introduction to the disciplined full game for the whole family to enjoy. Essentially a shortened version of the full game; Kwik Cricket utilises a plastic ball and bat (safer for the kids and your window alike!).

The size of the boundaries and the crease can be customised to the number and ages of participants. Rather than playing in teams, each batsman just plays for themselves trying to tally up runs without being run or caught out. Add an adult’s handicap by stating they can only bat and catch one-handed to even things up a touch.

The Football Assault Course

Challenge the kids to improve their ball control and shooting with the Football Assault Course. The Kickmaster Ultimate Football Challenge Set has everything you need to set up an involved and difficult assault courses for the whole family to partake in. Any number of course variations can be produced as the family are challenged to dribble around the cones, place the ball through the hoops, before scoring past the free kick figures and a goalkeeper.

Take turns completing the course and time one another, and see if you can improve your skills and your control.

Badminton Doubles

The beauty of back garden badminton is how concise the game is. Unlike tennis with balls flying all over the place, the shuttlecocks’ flighty, floating motion provides no danger to neighbouring gardens and kitchen windows. Badminton doubles is a simple game for families with at least four members to enjoy. A net, four racquets and two shuttlecocks are all that are needed for a fun game of back garden badminton.

Organise the teams to make it as fair as possible and ensure an even result and hopefully no McEnroe-esque temper tantrums.

Back Garden Grand Prix

This is a great way to get the kids outside and protect your furniture at the same time. Take the remote control cars and monster trucks into the back garden and build a track for them to race around. Get the whole family involved in the design and building of the course, making it as simple or complicated as you want. Make sure you mow the grass first, creating a flatter surface, more conducive to racing.

Mark the course out with anything from tape to shaving form to paint – it can be easily mowed away in a few weeks. Add tricky features such as jumps or rocky sections if the family and vehicles are up for it. When the course is ready, get everyone involved in a multi-lap race.

Experts can move onto creating more extreme courses…


Back garden chess is the golden opportunity to get the kids outdoors, active and improving their mental capacity. At All Round Fun, we stock a giant version of the classic game here. The whole family can enjoy the challenging game, learning the tricks of the trade as they progress from beginner to Chess Master.

If none of these tickle your fancy, we stock a wide range of other garden games for the whole family to enjoy. Or take a look at our pick of 10 children’s party games to play outdoors.

Image credit: Mike Hammerton

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