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5 Games to Get Your Kids Outside – Whatever the Weather!


Even though it can be tempting to simply curl up in front of the fire and Netflix as the Mercury drops towards the minus notches on the thermometer, it is important that you and the family continue to enjoy fresh air every day.

Here we explore five games which can encourage the kids to put aside their blankets and mugs of cocoa and get outside and play!

Bouncing Around

There’s no better way to keep warm in cold weather than bouncing around on a trampoline. The great thing about trampolines is that they’re as fun in colder months as they are in high summer. Make sure your kids have plenty of layers on and on clear, bright days, uncover your trampoline (covering your trampoline during wet and wintry conditions will keep it in top condition for longer) and let them loose!

We stock a wide range of trampolines, like this Plum 6ft Magnitude Trampoline & Enclosure and this Evostar 14ft Trampoline & Enclosure.

Paint the Back Garden

If the snow has settled in the back garden and the kids have exhausted all the traditional snow games, snow painting is an exciting alternative for the whole family. Take old spray bottles and mix food colouring with water, and use these to make colourful designs on the snowy canvas. Kids can create huge Art Attacks to be seen from high above, reminiscent of Neil Buchanan’s large-scale creations.

Any remnants of paint can be easily cleaned away after the snow has melted or can be mowed down in the spring when the grass grows.

Go Glamping

Whilst it may be too cold to spend the night underneath a traditional thin-material tent, the rise of glamping means you can comfortably enjoy the great outdoors year-round. There are a large number of glamping (glamorous camping) sites throughout the UK allowing you to spend the night in comprehensively-stocked yurts, tipis, train carriages and even treehouses. This can provide a fantastic night of fun for the whole family as you enjoy the great outdoors during the peaceful UK winter.

At All Round Fun, we stock a great selection of Camping Products to make a glamping trip even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Cold Weather Science

If the temperature falls below freezing, there are a number of science experiments that can be carried out which are both fun and educational. Teach the children about how steam is made by filling a heated thermos flask full of water and throwing it into the cold air (ideally -4 or lower). The water will instantly turn to steam and drift away. Be careful that the kids don’t try to touch the hot water.

Similarly, blowing bubbles into cold air can teach kids about freezing, as the bubbles turn to delicate ice orbs.

Winter Ice Art

If the temperature has plummeted below zero, there is an opportunity to create beautiful ice art in the back garden. All you need is a container and string to create these beautiful ice artworks. Here is a step by step guide:

  1. Boil the kettle and leave it to cool, then boil for a second time and leave it to cool again (this helps remove all bubbles).
  2. Lay a length of string across the bottom and up the inside walls of the container, so the ends of the string is loose. Find winter objects from the garden such as berries, holly leaves and more, and place them atop the string. Pour the boiled water into the containers over the winter items and string.
  3. Place the containers outside and leave them to freeze.
  4. When the water has frozen, remove it from the container and hang it from a tree.

For a full range of outdoor play ideas, for Winter or for Summer, visit the All Round Fun homepage or give us a call on 0800 043 0437.

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