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5 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas to Make at Home

halloween costume ideas. Flickr creative commons: Will Montague

Halloween is not just a time for ghosts and ghouls. It is a time to dress up in the most bizarre, and sometimes humorous, costumes and trick or treat to your heart’s content.

Why not try a bit of DIY and make something truly unique with your children? You’ll be surprised what amazing costumes you can make from things you have lying around the house.

Here are a few of the best Halloween costumes that you can make from scratch. Not all of them are scary, but they will really get your kids noticed.

1. Jellybeans

All you need to create this unusual outfit is a large, clear refuse sack, mini balloons, ribbon and a permanent marker.

Cut leg and arm holes out of the refuse sack and write ingredients and nutritional information on the back. Once you are inside the refuse sack, blow up the mini balloons and fill it up. Cinch the top of the refuse sack and tie with ribbon. Et voila! A walking bag of jellybeans.

2. Spiderman

Most children want to be a superhero at some point in their lives so why not indulge them at Halloween? Characters such as Spiderman, The Joker and Batman are all ideal creepy superheroes and their costumes are easy to put together.

Start the costume with long underwear or tights in the correct superhero colour and add a corresponding fitted top. A simple piece of fabric, frayed at the edges will make the perfect cape. Use permanent markers or fabric paints to add the all important superhero logo. Create a stencil out of card or baking paper to make this part easier.

Superheroes generally wear masks so create one out of face paints or felt. Alternatively, you may wish to buy one if your child will reuse the costume.

3. Mummy

One of the more traditional Halloween costumes, yet one of the easiest to make, the mummy costume is great fun to make AND wear.

All you will need are a pair of white pajamas OR a fitted white top and white tights/leggings and some strips of white fabric.

Cut the fabric into strips, about 2” wide and approximately 4 feet long. Starting at the waist, wind the fabric around the body, tacking the ends down with glue as you go. As easy as that!

4. Circus Strongman/woman

Vintage carnivals can be really creepy with their freaks and tales of dark arts, but a really easy carnival costume to make at home is a strongman.

Get creative and draw retro tattoo designs on a nude-coloured or pale pink leotard using permanent marker or fabric paints. Add red and white striped trousers/leggings or glue long strips of white felt onto red trousers/leggings.

Use an eyeliner and blusher to add a curly tash and rosy cheeks and slick hair to the side for a truly authentic “19th century gent” look.

No strongman outfit would be complete without a barbell. Get styrofoam balls and paint them black, adding the numbers on in white. Attach the styrofoam balls to either end of a kitchen roll tube and there you have it. A mini barbell for your mini circus strongperson!

5. Spider

Creepy crawlies always make a huge appearance around Halloween so why not make a lifesize one? They are so easy to make and will create a huge buzz at any party.

All you need is a black hooded sweatshirt and a pair of black trousers or leggings. These will make the body.

For the spider legs you should stuff three pairs of black tights with packaging or fabric and sew them onto the sweatshirt. Attach black string to the legs and your hands to stop them from hanging down.

Alternatively, braid black pipe cleaners together to make furry legs and attach to the sweatshirt. The pipe cleaners also make great feelers that can be attached to the hood and bent inwards. Finish the costume with googly eyes on the hood or a spider’s web drawn onto the chest in fabric paint or permanent marker.


These are all great alternatives to the Halloween trend for witches and ghosts and are so easy to make that you and your child can have great fun preparing the costume as well as wearing it.

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