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Five Climbing Frames for Little Monkeys of All Ages

Little Tikes Buckingham Climb & Slide Climbing Frame

The back garden climbing frame is the perfect, fun place for kids to play, exercise and develop their motor skills.

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring with a Sandpit

Plum Junior Square Sandpit

A sandpit is not only great fun for your child but it also provides significant development opportunities. Digging, lifting, carrying, shovelling, raking and tunnelling all help develop your child’s gross motor skills – while  drawing, moulding, pouring, sifting and patting help develop fine motor skills.

How to Choose a Great Climbing Frame for Your Garden


  Outdoor play is crucial to a child’s development. It allows them to practice and master a range of physical skills while helping them to stay fit and healthy.

5 Super Swing Sets for Your Garden

Plum Spider Monkey II Wooden Garden Swing Set

The humble swing set in the back garden is enduringly popular with children of all ages.