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11 Cost-Effective Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained this Summer

If you feel as though you are constantly in the midst of the battle between your children and your wallet, the summer holidays can be a terrifying time. Eager to get their little hands on the contents of your wallet, children’s favourite activities seem to be getting more and more expensive. Here are 11 timely, cost-effective activities for the kids this summer.

Attend Free Festivals

Glastonbury is arguable the most famous free festival for children. However, tickets for the accompanying adults can set them back a few hundred quid. The UK is host to a range of free festivals that may not attract the likes of Dolly Parton and Arcade Fire, but can keep the whole family interested.

Take a Nature Trail

The UK countryside is rife with hidden gems and secret trails to explore. National Trails helps you find fantastic nature trails near to your home. As well as being good exercise, a nature walk can be educational for children, learning about plant life and creepy crawlies.

Visit a Lido

Lidos are the charmingly British outdoor swimming pools that offer families the chance to have a good splash about. The supervised lidos are great for kids who are just getting an introduction to swimming and need to develop their skills.

Have a Beach Trip

British beaches have an unfair reputation of being damp, cold and unsuitable for relaxation. But much of the British coast is made up of beautiful beaches that can be enjoyed even if it is still a little bit too cold to have a dip in the sea.

Get them Gardening

Sowing and cultivating plant life can keep children entertained for hours. Having something alive belonging to them is an unusual thrill and sparks a natural excitement. Helping your children to grow fruits and vegetables can also help educate them where food comes from.

Go Camping

A cost-effective and adventurous holidaying option; camping is a unique experience for children and adults alike. The fantastic range of camping supplies from All Round Fun provides everything you need for a few days break in the wilderness.

Build Giant Back Yard Board Games

Use chalk on a back yard paving to recreate you family’s favourite board games on a much larger scale, using family members as board pieces. This can add an extra dimension to games that have already provided hours of entertainment.

Make a Music Video

Offer to film a music video for your kids and their friends. After letting them script an idea and setting for the video, gather up the available props and film them dancing along to their favourite songs, overlaying the track using a free music programme such as trakAxPC.

Organise a Scavenger Hunt

Team together with the other parents in the neighbourhood and organise a large scale scavenger hunt for all the kids to partake in. This is a great way for children in different social groups to learn more about each other and get to know each other better.

Visit a Local Farm

Farms are full of excitement and intrigue for children as they learn more about the world and nature. Farms with petting zoos in particular are popular with children as they get to get close up with cute critters.

Watch the Stars

If your child has grown up in the city, stargazing may be a rare treat for them. Drive out to a Dark Sky Discovery Site one night with a telescope and a thermos of hot chocolate and spend a few hours watching the stars.

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