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10 of the Best Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Despite a brief respite in the form of a mild Indian summer casting itself over the UK throughout September, the inevitable 7 months of rain are approaching fast.

Keeping the kids entertained and excited during rainy days can be incredibly difficult and stressful – here are 10 great rainy day activities that will keep the kids happy and, most importantly, quiet.


  • Remote Control Crash Course

Remove any valuables from the room and build a crash course for the kids’ remote control cars. RC car with wifi camIncorporate fun features such as ramps, jumps and sharp corners. A little heated competition will keep the kids interested for longer as they strive to better their friends and siblings.

At All Round Fun, we stock a great selection of RC toys, perfect for a rainy day crash course.


  • Baking

The sense of responsibility and the ability to produce something with tangible results will keep the kids entertained as they moonlight as a baker’s assistant. The sweeter the baked good, the more interested and involved the kids will inevitably become – cookies and cakes will undoubtedly captivate their attention more than whole wheat bread. Mixing, measuring and licking the spoon are just a few safe jobs kids can complete during the baking process.


  • Indoor Treasure Hunt

Indoor treasure hunts are fun and can help your child develop their logical thinking skills. Hide their favourite toy or a fun surprise and leave them a series of clues to locate the prize. Make it as difficult as you please, keeping the kids involved for longer.


  • Plant Pot Painting

If the kids have developed a love of gardening throughout the summer months and are a little frustrated they can’t get out into the backyard during the heavy rains, keep their interest piqued with some garden prep for the spring. You and the kids can plant seedlings to nurture indoors throughout the winter ready to plant in the garden next year. Task the kids with painting the plant pots to add a little colour and life.


  • Fashion Design

If the kids are budding Westwoods and Ralph Laurens, task them with designing clothes and accessories for themselves and the rest of the family. Their creative spark will keep them busy and entertained for hours at a time.

seedling set

Let them bring their creations to life with the All Round Fun Design your own Tote Bag kit.


  • Build a Book

Building a book together is a great parent/child bonding activity with a beautifully tangible end result. Allow the kids to let their imaginations run wild, developing a plot and writing the full story. The kids can even design and draw a front and back cover, before you help them bind the book for a professional look.


  • Domino Rally

Domino rallies are hours of preparation for about 10 seconds of enjoyment, but they can keep kids quiet for long stretches of time. Start with basic rallies and gradually introduce more features and you could end up with something amazing like this:


  • Indoor Disco

Keep the kids entertained and active by helping them host a fun indoor disco. Close the curtains and remove anything the kids could break or hurt themselves on, invite their friends over and then pump out the jams. Play their favourite songs as they have a little dance.


  • Bust out Monopoly

The beauty of Monopoly is simply how long it takes to finish a game. Keep the kids hanging on and entertained for hours and hours as they bicker over the Water Works and the train stations. That’s if they can even agree who gets to be the Dog and who is trusted enough to fill the role of a banker. Monopoly is a great time-filler on a rainy Sunday with hours to kill.


  • Pizza Party

Whilst not as fun as eating pizza, preparing and cooking pizza can be entertaining for the kids. Prepare all the ingredients and task the kids with putting it all together, spreading tomato paste and sprinkling on their choice of toppings. Let the kids be as creative as they like, building silly faces or spelling out their name.

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