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10 Fun Facts about Trampolines!


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Trampolines have become increasingly popular over the last few decades with their prices becoming more affordable, and the awareness for the health benefits increasing.

Below you can find 10 fun facts about Trampolining.


1.George Nissen Did you know George Nissen, an American Gymnast, built the first Trampoline back in 1936? It came to him after he was watching Gymnast’s perform, and as they landed, they bounced off the safety net – inspiring his creation! Below is an image of his creation.







2. Not only is Trampolining a competitive sport, but it makes for great fitness and fun! There are plenty of games you can play on a Trampoline; check some out here in one of our blogs http://bit.ly/2mfBluQ

3. Just 20 minutes of Trampolining can burn up to 300 calories and seem not nearly as tiring as 20 minutes of running or swimming! Plus, you always have great fun when you are bouncing around!

4. Euro Tramp is a company that have been designing and producing Trampolines for the past 55 years! They are the company who make the most powerful, certified Trampolines for competitions.


euro tramp


5. Competitive routines in Trampolining consist of 10 moves which involve shape positions of either straight, tucked or pike. Each move gets an individual rating which adds to a total – known as a Tariff.

pro trampolining

6. During their routines, pro Trampolinists can reach insane heights up to 10m high! Don’t worry though; domestic trampolines aren’t quite that springy; you won’t be finding your child hopping over the fence into next door’s garden from one of our Trampolines.

7. Claire Wright is a former GB Trampolinist. By the age of 1 year old she was already performing front somersaults on her Trampoline – now that’s talent!

8. The world record Tariff for men was done by Canada’s Jason Burnett in 2010 in the Davos World Cup breaking his previous world record of 18.0 with a score of 18.8!

9. The world record Tariff for women was done by none other than GB’s Emma Smith who, in 2011 in Denmark, performed a difficulty of 16.0. She is also the only female woman to have completed 3 triple somersaults in one routine!

Emma Smith

10. Alexander Moskalenko from Russia holds the men’s record for the most championships won (5). Whilst Judy Wills Clyne of the USA holds the women’s record for most World Championships won (5).

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