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Nothing sums up the Great British Summer better than a family barbecue. As soon as the rain clouds disappear in early summer, Barbecues all around the country are rushed into the back garden and the frozen burgers rear their heads from freezer drawers. Make the most of any good weather we get this summer with our range of stand-alone and fitted Barbecue sets.

Whether or not you are proud of your culinary skills, firing up the coals and inviting the friends around is a must year after year. We stock a great selection of Barbecue sets, catering for gardens of all shapes, sizes and styles.

Our fantastic Masonry Barbecue sets offer multiple cooking levels, wood storage and significant shelving space, accommodating all of your barbecue needs. All are fitted with extended chimneys, ensuring that all smoke is funnelled away from you and your guests.

The double partition construction method allows you to use both charcoal and firewood when barbecuing. Simple-to-follow instructions are included with all of our Masonry sets, ensuring that they can be set up quickly and efficiently – this is ideal in this country as we simply don’t know how long the good weather will last.

If you do not want a permanent Barbecue fixture in the back garden, our selection of stand-alone sets can be moved indoors and outdoors effortlessly. These are ideal for families who only have a small number of barbecues in a year. The simple to construct barbecues can be simply erected and dismantled for each use. All that you have to worry about is not burning the sausages and making sure that everyone has their fill.


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